SOTA Alumni: Writers, Photographers, Social Media, Designers


Hi, we're Sarah and Joy! We are looking for writers, photographers, social media gurus, and designers for our Media Team! Being on the Media Team is definitely something you can put on your resume, and all the work you create on here will be attributed to you. Applicants can be based anywhere on the globe.

Writers: We are looking for writers for our written segments and collateral! From being on-site to conduct interviews, or at home sipping tea while copywriting in our Newsletter, we want you! If you'd like to brush up on your editorial or journalism skills, we would love to collaborate. 

Photographers: Photographers who can be on-site for event documentation, or portraits of interviewees will have their work on both website, social media and our collateral!

Social Media: Also, content scouts! If you love being in the middle of events and making connections with people, you are who we want! Headed by Sarah, you will be working together to find out what alumni have been up to, and posting them on our social media pages. You'd also be able to contribute to the Alumni Features by helping us discover stories. 

Designers: We are looking for a pool of interested designers who would like to be on-call for design projects! The projects will be ranging from newsletter layouts to event banner images. Headed by Joy, she will be able to assist with Photoshop and Indesign, so designers can pick up new skills while working on visual collateral.

If you would like to join us on the Media Team, send us a message with how you can help us! We're excited to collaborate with you!