Celebrating SOTA's 10th Anniversary - Monuments and Memories


SOTA 10 Monuments

As part of SOTA’s 10th Anniversary celebrations, we invite you to propose monuments that you would like to create, honouring our history, identity and aspirations. These monuments do not have to be physical structures; they can be performances, events, a series of activities etc. all of which commemorate SOTA's 10th anniversary.

A committee of SOTA staff will select 10 of these proposals, and support their creation and realization. Budgets of up to $2,000 per project will be awarded to selected proposals to cover costs of project materials. These monuments will be presented throughout 2018, starting from Term 2 and ending in Term 4.

Please submit your proposals here (https://goo.gl/forms/PeKcfHjMU1yios632) by Thurs 22 Feb 2018, 5pm. Do note the specific details required in your proposal.

SOTA 10 Memories

We also hope to collect fond memories of SOTA from students, alumni, teachers, staff and parents. Memories that are significant and unique to SOTA. They can be past or recent memories; the learning opportunities you have had, or any experiences that connect you to your classmates, juniors, colleagues or parents within SOTA community. An example would be the photos or videos of the recent SOTA Tree remembrance ceremony.

You may submit your memories (photos, videos, artworks, songs, writings such as poetry, anecdotes etc.) through here(https://goo.gl/forms/f5Tt8Fz9D3k5iqVW2).  10 selected memories will be featured in our school’s publications, videos or on our social media channels. 

Whatever you remember fondly of SOTA, share it with us on the form by Thurs, 8 Mar 2018, 5pm.

Alumni Board