Pilates Fitness: Internship

Pilates Fitness is conducting an intern partnership program that is seeking SOTA alumni or students in their final year, and have 2-5 spaces available. 

Pilates Fitness would be able to:

  1. equip interested students with a deeper understanding of Pilates and how it helps the body.
  2. provide instructor training for Pilates if they are keen to pursue a part-time or full-time job as a Pilates Instructor in future.
  3. if they are unsure with regards to point #2, they can always use this internship as a platform to test and see if this is a possible career path they can take in the future.

The scope of work that the students will be engaging in and responsible for are Pilates Trainee Instructors, or Studio Associate (Admin), for 8 hours a day, and no work outside office hours. 

Pilates experience is preferable, and/or interest and curiosity to pursue this as a future career path.

Allowance for SOTA interns will be $400-$600 a month, and SOTA Alumni will be based on a part time or full-time rate.

Period and duration of internship and job shadowing is flexible and can be discussed, school holiday is preferred.

If interested, contact Joey Ang at joey@pilatesfitness.com.sg or 96776405


Alumni Board