Run and Gun Media: Interns, Video Editors and more

We want to transform the news and documentary space with the work we create – both in quality and mode.

And we know we can only get there with the right people.

At this early stage of the company, the ideal fit is someone who's confidently independent as a freelancer, but sees the value in having a company front – knowing that the benefit of a team and a collective brand will unlock his or her full potential for their excellence in work.

We want people with a curiosity in:

  1. New stories in Singapore and the region.
  2. How modern newsrooms operate.
  3. The intersection of journalism, advertising and content.
  4. The usage of different mediums and their implications.

You need to come with at least one strong domain skill in writingphotography,videographyvideo editing, or client servicing, and an aptitude to learn the rest.

To this end, we're looking for directorsproducersmultimedia journalistsvideo editorsinterns and business partners. If what you've just read sounds like you, please call us.

Run & Gun Media is entering its next phase, and we need you.

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