Monaco Government Tourist and Convention Authority: Logotype Competition


The Monaco HQ for Tourism has decided to launch an international contest to design a new  "VisitMonaco" logo.

The rules are as follows:

  1. Anyone can participate, the only condition is that they must know enough about the image of the Principality of Monaco and be potentially inspired by it, they must also be in a position to issue an invoice for accounting purposes (SOTA can assist if you are interested).
  2. The deadline to send the logos to them is 30th AUGUST
  3. The winner in Singapore will be offered 1000 €
  4. The runners-up in Singapore will be offered 500 € for their work.
  5. The deadline for proposals (sample artwork and artist statement) is 30th AUGUST 
  6. The HQ will then choose the WORLD WINNER among the proposals from all countries and this winner will be offered an additional 10 000 € to buy the rights of his/her logo.

The technical details on the type of logo and branding that they wish to use, as well as more information,  is below:


The logotype currently identifying the Monaco Government Tourist and Convention Authority was launched back in 2009. At present, it seems opportune to refresh this logotype to make it more dynamic to be in stride with the Tourist Authority's various communication media; tourist documentation, posters, advertisements, Internet site, social media, stands, etc.


In order to identify the "Tourist Authority" entity unmistakably, the designation on the new logotype must be VisitMonaco or Visit Monaco.

It is specified, however, that all combinations of fonts and upper/lower letters may be used. 


5 variants for the differing uses must be provided for: 

  • VisitMonaco, conventionbureau
  • VisitMonaco, cruisebureau
  • VisitMonaco, tourisme responsable
  • VisitMonaco, principato (for the Italian market)

A hierarchy must be set up for the information in each variant.


The main purpose to refresh the logotype's general appearance by giving it a look that is YOUNGER and more DYNAMIC than the present one. Since it is also intended to identify the Monaco Government Tourist and Convention Authority on stands representing the Destination Monaco, the new logotype must necessary be VERY VISIBLE FROM A DISTANCE.


The logotypes must be adaptable to the following:

  • HOMEPAGE ON THE NEW INTERNET SITE (development underway)


Models of the various projects must be provided in PDF format.

The logotypes in their final form must be prepared in ILLUSTRATOR format. A version in JPEG must also be provided. The texts must be vectorised. All fonts must be supplied in OpenType format.

If the logotype were to contain non-vector elements (bitmap textures, images), an enlarged version must be provided for very large-format printing (panels for stands, kakemonos, etc.). In this case, the logotype must have a minimum size of 50cm with the inclusion of non-vector elements with a minimum resolution of 300dpi of 100x100 of the real size. 

Finally, a mini charter of use must be supplied for special uses, e.g. monochrome printing, reverse printing from black to white (or on a background with a dark color, etc.)

Joy Ho