SMU Arts Festival 2017: Artists and Designers

We would like to extend a warm invitation to all SOTA Alumni to be part of Singapore Management University (SMU) Art Festival 2017’s Artist Collaborative Showcase (ACS)!

The SMU Arts Festival is an annual celebration of art and creativity, consisting of a multitude of Arts and Cultural Fraternity (ACF) student clubs and Invited Guest Artists. In its third consecutive year running, the SMU Arts Festival 2017 is held in September every year over two weekends (8th – 17th September). The festival comes to life with inter-disciplinary productions, exhibitions, and workshops amidst other showcases with 22 ACF clubs performing in SMU and surrounding arts venues.

Under the ACS Segment, we are conducting an Open Call to all artists in and out of the SMU community. In tandem with the festival’s vision, ACS is an opportunity where artists can showcase their skills and ideas, and we hope to create a conducive environment within the Festival that promotes learning and appreciation of the arts. 

This year’s ACS is comprised of 2 segments, namely a Static Site-Specific Visual Arts Showcase, and a Dynamic Fashion Show. Both segments are part of the Open Call and more details about each segment can be found in the attached application forms. The application forms also include artwork specifications and instructions on how to apply. The deadline for submission is 2359hrs on 5 June 2017.

We are more than willing to arrange a meeting should any further clarification be required. Your help to spread the word about our Open Call to your colleagues and peers will be greatly appreciated. Feel free to contact the respective coordinators listed below should you have any queries about the respective segments.

For Static Site-Specific Visual Arts Showcase: 
Sarah Goh (Director of Programmes)

For Dynamic Fashion Show:
Alvin Teo (Deputy Director of Programmes)

We look forward to your response!