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Stupid Cupid

Step into the divine realm and follow the journey of protagonist, Cupid, as he tries to reclaim his honour after centuries of failed relationship matches! With his very own mother, Venus, giving him one last chance to prove his worth (not forgetting the terrifying consequence for failure!), Cupid has no choice but to embark on the impossible quest to matchmake two star-crossed lovers.

Held at the newly opened book cafe-cum-creative space, The Moon, Cupid’s quest lays the foundation for intriguing, poignant and intimate storytelling as the audience is swept off their feet by his charming personality albeit severe addiction to divine booze. Buckle up for a night of clarity, hilarity and heartfelt exchanges as Cupid stumbles and bumbles his merry way through space and time!


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ate: 24-26th August, 31 August- 2 September

Venue: 37 Mosque Street



Patch and Punnet, a theatre collective started in 2017, is led by ex-Young & W!ld members, Nisa Syarafana, Sharmaine Goh and Krish Natarajan along with fellow theatre makers, Alia Alkaff, Giovanni Harris and law graduate turned creative Astley Xie.

Patch and Punnet works collaboratively to create fresh and fun devised work made from the soul. By millennials for millennials, this punnet of strawberries aims to tickle, tease and treat their audiences with irreverent, playful and sometimes provocative theatre. This bunch of creatives, who don’t take themselves too seriously, hope to create a welcoming theatre scene that inspires creativity, conversation and change.