the 2017–2018 Board of alumni

The Board seeks to establish platforms to contribute to SOTA. A key aspect of this is working with SOTA to connect Alumni with current students, supporting them in their SOTA education experience. The Board also seeks to build a close-knit community, create networks that will continue to exist outside of SOTA, bring together artists and patrons, and encourage mutual support and collaborations. Biennale elections are held to determine the Board of Alumni. Check out our portfolio to see what we've been up to. 


The 2019-2020 Board of Alumni will be introduced at this year's Evening Assembly.


Joining the team allows the community to keep engaging with each other, long after we are out of the school. Each team allows you to build and share skills within the scope of their contribution. Whether its planning events, designing collateral, being damn good at google applications, or enjoying being around people, there is something for everyone to help out in. You can join a team at any time, be sure to message us if you'd like to help out!


The Treasury protects the sustainability of the Alumni by holding the Alumni Board fully accountable for use of SOTA Alumni funds. It works with all the committees to draw up an annual budget and ensures all undertakings operate within their stipulated budgets.



The Cohort Representatives consist of at least one alumni member from each graduating class of SOTA. It is responsible for outreach to all cohorts regarding registration, events or initiatives. They also serve a grassroots function, voicing concerns and suggestions of the cohorts to the Alumni Board.


The Initiatives Team fosters a vibrant and supportive SOTA community by creating sharing platforms, gatherings, talks and welfare benefits for alumni and students alike. Their past projects include the Evening Assembly and Annual Welfare Pack giveaway.


The Media Team maintains active online presence on facebook, instagram and our website for the global alumni community to nuture meaningful relationships, and to pursue collaborative opportunities, artistic or otherwise. They also manage the resources that help to guide fresh SOTA graduates through post SOTA life.


The Registration Team is responsible for the growth of the Alumni. It works with cohort representatives and the office of the chairperson to encourage all former students of SOTA (both IB and non-IB graduates) to register with the SOTA Alumni.


The Fundraising Team ensures the sustainability of the Alumni. Its primary undertaking is to establish relationships with sponsors and collaborative partners to support alumni initiatives and provide opportunities to the alumni community. It also plans and manages fundraising initiates like the sale of Alumni merchandise.