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SOTA Alumni and students are welcomed to ask them about colleges, national service, living overseas, careers, financial aid and the like. Students and Alumni should identify themselves accordingly when approaching the Alumni listed below. If you would like to be an Alumni Contact, scroll to the bottom on how to volunteer. The information shared by the following Alumni do not necessarily represent the views of the SOTA Alumni Board.


Lu Kejia (VA '12): National University of Singapore; Communications and New Media, 2017 |

Ong Sim (VA '12): Singapore Management University; Law, 2017|

Leow Ye Yin (VA '12): National University of Singapore; Architecture, 2017 |

Bernice Ho (Dance '12): Nanyang Technological University; Biomedical Science & TCM, 2018 |

Grace Lim (VA'13): Singapore Management University; Accountancy, 2018 |

Bettina Hu (Music '13): National University of Singapore; Political Science, 2018 |

Brenda Koh (Music '13): NUS Yong Siew Toh Conservatory; Music, 2018|

Ng Jingyun (Music '13): NUS Yong Siew Toh Conservatory; Music (Vocal Performance), 2018 |

Rachel Lim (VA '13): Yale-NUS; Liberal Arts, 2018 |

Renee Tan (Dance '13): National University of Singapore; Law, 2018 |

Mohammad Nabil bin Jasmani (Theatre '12):  Singapore Management University; Political Science, 2019 |

Kwek Keng Yang (Music '12):  Nanyang Technological University; Psychology, 2019 |

Sarah Goh (Dance '14): Singapore Management University; Social Science, 2019 |

Amrita Sridhar Narayanan (VA '14):  Nanyang Technological University; Mathematical Science, 2019 |

Denise Lim (VA '14): Singapore University of Technology and Design; Engineering, 2019|

Krish Sheri (Science '14): National University of Singapore; Medicine, 2020|

Chan Mei Fei (Dance '2015): Singapore Institute of Technology - Trinity College of Dublin (SIT-TCD); Physiotherapy, 2020 | AIC Balaji Sadasivan Award |

Lemuel Poh (VA '14): National University of Singapore; Physics, 2021 |


Manasa Sitaram (Theatre '12): University of Tokyo, Japan; Liberal Arts (Japan in East Asia major), 2017 | University of Tokyo scholarship |

Ng Meizhi (Theatre '12): NYU Shanghai, China; Integrated Humanities Major, 2017 | NYU Shanghai Scholarship |

Daisy Toh (VA '12): National Taiwan University of Art, Taipei; Department of Crafts and Design, 2018 | NTUA MOE International Student Scholarship |


Cheryl Yeo (VA '12): Monash University; Interior Architecture, 2016 |

Darryl Loke (Theatre '12): University of Western Australia; Sports Science, Exercise & Health, 2017 |

Vikesh Ajith (VA '13): University of Melbourne; Agriculture, 2018 |

Natasha Goh (Dance '15): Curtin University, Perth; Physiotherapy, 2020| MOHH scholarship|


Lin Tonglin (Music '12): Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff; Music (Piano), 2017 | Steinway and Son scholarship, Principal scholarship |

Nicole Ng (Double Science '12, formerly VA): University of Cambridge, England; Architecture, 2017 |

Milon Goh (Theatre '12): University College London; Law, 2018 |

Lee Fang (VA '12): Architecture Association, School of Architecture, England; Architecture, 2018 | URA (Overseas) scholarship |

Yap Li Ren (Music '12): Kings College London, England; Music (Piano), 2018 |

Joan Low (VA '13): Goldsmiths, University of London, England; Fine Arts, 2018 |

Alina Sin (Music'14): University of Nottingham; Economics, 2018 |

Megan Augustine (Theatre '14): King's College London; English, 2018 |

Theodore Chung (Music, '12): Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow; Music (Viola), 2019 | RCS full scholarship  |

Wayne Neo (Music '12): Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow; Music (Piano), 2019 | RCS scholarship |

Nah Jieying (Dance'13): London Contemporary Dance School; Contemporary Dance, 2019 |

Bethany Tan (Film'15): University of Bristol, Bristol; Film and Television, 2019 |


Rachael Cheong (VA '12): Royal Academy of Art, The Hague; Fashion Design, 2017 |

Jade Chan (VA '12): Design Academy Eindhoven, Eindhoven; Man and Well Being, 2017 |

Chong Lii (VA '12): Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam; Fine Art, 2019 | MDA Scholarship |

Goh Yixuan (Science '14): Trinity College Dublin; Medicine, 2020 |


Yue Ru (Dance '12): Boston Conservatory, Boston; Dance, graduating 2016 | Boston Conservatory scholarship |

Jessica Lam (Dance '12): The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Philadelphia; Dance, 2017 | NAC (Overseas) Arts scholarship, UArts Trustee and Dean scholarship |

Ong Shu Chen (Music'12): Stanford University, California; Communication and Media Studies, minor in Music, 2017 |

Lee Jing (Music '12): Northwestern University, Illinois; Social Policy and Economics, minor in Global Health, 2017 |

Amelia Fong (VA '13): Washington University in St Louis, Missouri; Architecture, 2018 | PSC scholarship |

Amanda Liaw (Film '14): University of Southern California; Film and TV Production, 2019 |

Phoebe Chin (VA '14): School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois; Fine Art, 2019 | MOE Education Merit Scholarship |

Nadiah Wong (Theatre '15): University of Chicago, Illinois; Undecided Major, 2020 |

Shruti Shah (VA '14): Cornell University; Architecture, 2020 |


To keep this list alive and growing, interested Alumni who are willing to become a contact can indicate their interests in being on the list by contacting the Board at or by leaving a Facebook message with the following details:

Name / Art form / SOTA Year of Graduation

University / Location / Major or Department / University Year of Graduation

Scholarship (if applicable)


Alumni contacts can be removed from the list at their request. To keep the list updated and geared toward emerging SOTA alumni, we will turnover the list each year by having contacts removed a year after their said year of graduation.